A relationship that Works

Our goal at J&D Medical Supplies is simply to work closely with you, our valued customer, in an effort to reduce your medical supply costs and enhance your knowledge of cost effective purchasing. A relationship with J & D Medical Supplies is a partnership that works, pure and simple.


Best Quality

J & D Medical Supplies carries a wide-range of products to choose from. We carry a complete line of products from all the leading manufacturers. In addition, we offer cost effective private label alternatives to branded medical/ supplies. You dictate what products your office requires and J & D Medical Supplies will deliver the quality solution that suits your needs. Effectiveness and versatility is our greatest strengths. J & D Medical Supplies currently distributes products and services to customers in the following markets: clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, offices, veterinary, athletics, nursing and assisted living, diagnostic imaging centers, correctional facilities, We are more than just a distributor though, whether it’s speaking with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives, sitting down with your personal sales representative, our entire staff is dedicated to delivering to you the highest level of service available.

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